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Bitcoin wallet Navalny check the investigative committee

Suddenly, the press service of the investigative committee of the Russian Federation announced that it intends to check the founders of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) Alexei Navalny and Leonid Volkov. The check is connected with suspicions of the participation of Navalny and Volkov in fraudulent schemes.

SK is convinced that Navalny hides the sums that came to him at the time of the election campaign.

The campaign for the nomination of Alexei Navalny for the presidency began on December 13, 2016. On the site "Bulk 2018", which collected donations in favor of the future candidate, along with bank details there appeared a link to a crypto account – 3QzYvaRFY6bakFBW4YBRrzmwzTnfZcaA6E.

“Before registering an electoral account, we are collecting funds for Internet wallets of the chief of the election headquarters, Leonid Volkov,” the site specified. “Public reporting will be provided on the receipt and expenditure of funds.”

“The opposition did not fulfill their promises to report to the public,” Sokolov told the media. “In the financial report of FBK for 2018, published by Alexei Navalny, the funds received on the official Bitcoin wallet are not indicated, but in the meantime more than 106 million rubles of sponsor funds ($ 1.6 million) came to the cryptocurrency account.”

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