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BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes announced that in 2019, Bitcoin will try to reach $ 10,000

Arthur Hayes, co-founder and CEO of the BitMEX cryptocurrency trading platform, predicted that Bitcoin (BTC) would return to the price of $ 10,000 this year. Heys shared his predictions in a bulletin published March 22.

According to Heis, the market recovery will begin early in the fourth quarter of 2019. Heys said:

“The path of 2019 will be intense, but the markets will return to $ 10,000. This is a very important psychological barrier. […] The final recovery is $ 20,000. ”

Earlier in March, the BitMEX research department discovered that its full Ethereum Parity node contained a “potential error”, reporting that the Parity node “sometimes reports that it is synchronized, despite the fact that there are several hundred thousand blocks at the tip of the chain”. The authors argue that the alleged error can be used by the attacker in some circumstances, but argues that it is "extremely unlikely."

In January, BitMex published a study in which it was reported that the total value of all tokens allocated by the analyzed projects for their own teams decreased from $ 24.2 billion. The United States at the time of issue of each individual token to about $ 5 billion . USA.

BitMEX said that the bear market cryptocurrency in 2018 accounted for 54 percent of losses, as well as transfers to external addresses in the amount of $ 1.5 billion and other factors that further reduced the efficiency of projects. The report also emphasizes that the historical total peak cost of tokens controlled by subject teams was more than $ 80 billion. US, using an individual price peak of each coin.

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