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Amazon AWS and WAX: A Partnership for the Future of Web3

Amazon AWS and WAX: A Partnership for the Future of Web3


  • Amazon AWS is using WAX to drive the future of Web3.
  • Layer2 type blockchains can be deployed, similar to Polygon on Ethereum, thanks to Amazon AWS and WAX.
  • Integration with Amazon Managed Blockchain will allow developers to deploy nodes through the AWS console.

The recent collaboration between Amazon AWS and WAX has generated great excitement in the Web3 ecosystem, especially in the realm of blockchain-based gaming platforms.

This strategic alliance represents a significant step forward in the mass adoption of decentralized technologies, with a particular focus on optimizing the gaming experience and scalability of decentralized applications (dApps).

Integration with Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) opens up new possibilities for developers, allowing them to deploy nodes on the WAX ​​blockchain through the AWS console.

This greatly simplifies the development process and provides developers with access to powerful AWS tools and services to create custom dApps and blockchains.

One of the highlights of this collaboration is the ability to deploy Layer2 type blockchains on the WAX ​​platform, similar to how Polygon works on Ethereum.

This will allow for greater scalability and efficiency in transaction execution, which is essential for high-demand applications such as blockchain-based games.

The news has also had a positive impact on the price of the native WAX ​​token

The native token has seen a significant increase in value following the announcement of the collaboration.

Amazon AWS and WAX: An Alliance for the Future of Web3

This increase reflects market optimism regarding the potential of this partnership to drive platform adoption and growth.

WAX Chief Technology Officer, Lukas Sliwka, has highlighted the importance of this collaboration as a crucial step towards mass adoption of Web3 technologies.

Powered by Amazon AWS, WAX is well positioned to deliver a world-class gaming experience and blockchain infrastructure, paving the way for a new era of innovation and growth in the Web3 space.

The collaboration between Amazon AWS and WAX represents a significant milestone in the development of blockchain technology and the mass adoption of decentralized applications.

With the integration of WAX into the AWS infrastructure, the platform is expected to continue growing and offering innovative solutions for the global decentralized applications and gaming market.

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