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Charles Hoskinson criticized the approach of Ethereum and EOS to the development of

Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Ethereum (ETH) and IOHK, Cardano (ADA), criticized Ethereum and EOS’s approach to development. Hoskinson made his comments during an interview with Fortune Business News, published April 9.

During the interview, Hoskinson noted that most protocols publish all of their open source code and do not have patents, explaining that the ideas that come up with Cardano or most other cryptocurrency teams can be used by other teams. According to him, this is different from the EOS approach and the Ethereum method of developing a spelling checker (PoS):

“This is a sharp contrast to the development that you see with such things as EOS or Ethereum where they seem to take this view of a lonely samurai.”

Hoskinson noted that the approach of Ethereum and EOS to development, based on the strong leadership of Vitalik Buterin or Dan Larimer and a group of engineers, does not lead to success. He points out that “if you look at the flight to the moon, more than a million people were involved in this megaproject.”

During the interview, Hoskinson also considers what he defined as a crisis of control in the cryptocurrency industry. He noted that for the development of Bitcoins (BTC) it is necessary to make important decisions, for example, regarding the implementation of Schnoor signatures or better support for the side chain.

Nonetheless, although such implementations are said to represent a significant improvement in Bitcoin, many believe that they also introduce greater complexity and risk into the system, which could jeopardize the current value of BTC. How to resolve such debates is unclear, says Hoskinson.

EOS seems especially relevant when it comes to cryptocurrency management issues. Last October, his nodes (called block makers) reportedly conspired and voted for each other, which led to a negative reaction in the crit community.

In late March, Hoskinson also called for the use of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in the cryptocurrency industry, citing the need for greater compatibility.

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