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Avalanche’s Snowtrace to Close Down, Users Await New Solution

Avalanche’s Snowtrace to Close Down, Users Await New Solution

Snowtrace, the C-Chain block explorer for the Avalanche platform, has announced that it will cease its operations by November 30. Users of the platform have been advised to download their private name tags and contract verification data before the deactivation date.

Snowtrace is a blockchain browser that has been developed and operated by the team behind Etherscan, a popular Ethereum block explorer. Snowtrace allows users to view transactions, addresses, contracts, and other data on the Avalanche network. Users were greeted by a banner on the official website announcing the shutdown.

Avalanche Might Be Working on a New Solution

The reason for the closure of Snowtrace has not been disclosed, but some users have speculated that it may be due to the lack of support from the Avalanche team. However, Phillip Liu Jr., Head of Strategy and Operations at Ava Labs, the company behind Avalanche, hinted at a transition to a new and improved solution.

Avalanche’s Snowtrace to Close Down, Users Await New Solution

Avalanche is a blockchain platform that aims to provide fast, scalable, and secure decentralized applications. It supports multiple virtual machines, including the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which enables compatibility with Ethereum-based applications.

The deactivation of Snowtrace has left users with a tight deadline to secure their essential data and prepare for the change. It has also raised questions and anticipation for the new blockchain browser that may replace Snowtrace and offer a better user experience.

Meanwhile, the price of Avalanche’s native token AVAX has increased by over 2% in the past 24 hours, reaching $11.56 at the time of writing. The token has also gained over 9% in the past week, showing strong momentum amid the uncertainty.

The closure of Snowtrace marks a significant development for the Avalanche ecosystem, as it signals a possible upgrade or innovation in its blockchain browser technology. Users are encouraged to follow the official updates from the Avalanche team and stay tuned for more information on the upcoming solution.

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