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Bitcoin has risen to $4 300. Optimistic start to the week

The last week of 2018, the cryptocurrency market started very optimistic, despite the negative news background and “frequent” the funeral of bitcoin. At 03:00 GMT the bitcoin exchange rate went up, an hour after rising by almost $300. Following the first cryptocurrency rushed up courses and other altcoins.

So, as of 08:00 Moscow time the exchange rate of bitcoin to the dollar is $4 226. Ethereum became the growth leader in the TOP 10, rising more than 16% to the psychological mark of $150. 10% has risen and fallen Litecoin (LTC), now it is trading around $36 per coin.

Cryptofauna EOS, which once again was recognized as best according to the information Center and the industry development under the Ministry of industry and information technology of China, rose by 9.21% to $2,99, finishing in fifth place among the cryptocurrency with the highest market capitalization.

While the news of the end of last week, it is difficult to optimistic.

One of the most authoritative experts in the world on issues of global Finance, economist Nouriel Roubini, once again shared his opinion on cryptocurrencies, calling them setkeyname (without exception), the prices of which tend to zero.

“4800 Panov and dumps! The stock market is the place with the largest number of manipulations in the history of mankind. The prices of these “assets” which are setkeyname, tend to zero. In comparison with the crypt of the Wolf of wall street — a naive Amateur. And no matter what sidoni still lost 95 percent of its value this year!”, – wrote he in his Twitter, commenting on the results of the study Social Science Research Network.

Meanwhile, one of the two leading providers of financial information for professional participants of financial markets, Bloomberg, published an analytical article entitled “wall street lays on a dusty shelf your bitcoin dreams”, which States that institutional investors, amid the bear market, have tempered his enthusiasm, at the expense of kripalu and can hardly wait for their influx in the next year with the launch of new exchange-traded products. On the other hand, analysts note that such a “lull”, will allow you to develop and thoroughly test new products before launch, without panic and excitement and attempts to jump on the “leaving train”.


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