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Blast Announces Distribution of 15 Million Blast Gold Points for dApps

Blast Announces Distribution of 15 Million Blast Gold Points for dApps


  • Blast begins third distribution round of 15 million Gold Points.
  • Distribution based on exclusivity, performance and contribution of applications.
  • Introduces new category (RWA) and Platinum weight for dApps, reflecting evolution in the ecosystem.

Blast has announced the start of its third round of Blast Gold Points distribution, an event that will allocate 15 million points to decentralized applications (dApps) on its network.

This initiative follows the launch of Blast’s Ethereum L2 mainnet on February 29, which released nearly $2.3 billion in previously locked cryptocurrencies on the network.

The distribution methodology is based on a formula that considers the weight of the dApp’s category, its exclusivity on the Blast network, its performance and its effectiveness in distributing gold to users.

Categories like Spot Dex and SocialFi are given greater weight, while a new category for real-world assets (RWA) is introduced.

Additionally, Platinum weight is given to certain dApps that excel in several aspects.

Native Blast dApps receive different weights depending on their exclusivity on the network, while those that focus on Blast but are available on other blockchains are also considered.

Those with significant safety incidents or negative feedback receive a weight of 0 in this round, but have the opportunity to improve in future distributions.

The event not only encourages innovation within the Blast ecosystem, but also rewards good performance and positive contribution of dApps.

Blast Announces Distribution of 15 Million Blast Gold Points for dApps

Drive towards diversity and excellence at Blast

The strategic integration of RWA designation and the implementation of Platinum weighting for featured dApps vividly demonstrates Blast’s unwavering commitment to nurturing diversity and upholding excellence within its expansive ecosystem.

By introducing these innovative measures, Blast not only encourages innovation but also fosters an environment where quality and inclusivity thrive.

These developments serve as powerful incentives for dApps to continuously improve and innovate, pushing boundaries to deliver value-added solutions to the wider community.

The meticulous focus on the distribution of Gold Points based on merit and performance displays transparency and fairness, key aspects for the sustainable growth of any decentralized ecosystem.

Blast continues to establish itself as a leading platform in the DeFi industry by supporting and rewarding innovation and quality in its associated applications.

This promotes a healthy and competitive environment among decentralized applications, benefiting developers and users alike.

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