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CZ Can’t Leave the U.S. Until His Hearing, Judge Says

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Changpeng Zhao, known as CZ and founder of Binance, is currently under travel restrictions, specifically prohibited from returning to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This measure stems from his guilty plea for violating the United States Bank Secrecy Act. Zhao is set to face sentencing in February 2024, and although he was temporarily released, authorities imposed a personal recognizance bond valued at $175 million.

Initially, the terms of the bond allowed Zhao to return to his residence in the UAE, where his family currently resides. However, prosecutors expressed concerns about the risk of flight, considering Zhao’s substantial wealth and the absence of an extradition agreement between the United States and the UAE.

The decision of District Judge Richard Jones in the Western District of Washington was pivotal in the development of the situation. While acknowledging that Zhao’s justifications could have led to the denial of the government’s request under normal circumstances, the judge considered exceptional factors. These factors include Zhao’s significant financial resources, his family’s residence in the UAE, and the lack of substantial ties to the United States.

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Binance’s Former CEO Could Face a Tough Judicial Crossroads

The judge emphasized the severity of the potential sanctions Zhao faces, noting that despite his pursuit of a lighter sentence, the government could seek up to 18 months of imprisonment. This consideration, along with the factors that influenced the court’s decision, highlights the complexity of the legal situation facing the founder of Binance.

It is essential to remember that Binance, the globally significant cryptocurrency exchange co-founded by Zhao, accepted a $4.3 billion fine after the founder admitted violations related to anti-money laundering and money transmission regulations. These events led to CZ’s voluntary resignation from his top position in the company.

Zhao faces a challenging legal landscape. His situation emphasizes the progressively rigorous regulatory framework that blockchain companies face. We still have to wait a few months to learn the final sentence for CZ. In the meantime, Richard Teng has taken the helm at Binance, aiming to steer the company in new directions.

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