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EOS, XLM, ADA, IOTA. Technical analysis and course forecast for March 12-13, 2019

According to the CoinMarketCap data on changes in the prices of the largest altcoins in 24 hours, crypto-girls demonstrate moderate, progressive growth.


At the time of the market review, the EOS token is trading at $ 3.7310 above the mirror level of $ 3.7200. The EOS / USD pair quickly recovered from a new seven-day low price at $ 3.4877, which was recorded at the Asian session of the current session.

On a strong upward impulse, the price of cryptocurrency has broken through resistance at the level of the reversal of the short-term trend of $ 3.6410, reinforced by the moving average EMA100.

March 12, EOSUSD H4
March 12, EOSUSD H4

Despite the fact that the price of the coin is currently supported above the pivot, bulls need to gain a foothold above the $ 3.7200 mark in order to get substantial market support to move to the first target at the key resistance level of $ 3.9670.

The relative strength index data indicates a roughly equal balance of forces between bulls and bears: the indicator value is in the neutral region, the RSI14 line is horizontal.

There is a probability that the price of a cryptoactive asset before the end of the day will trade with a decline from the session high of $ 3.7683 and will receive support only at the level of pivot $ 3.6410. EOS / USD purchases are recommended at a price stop from the designated level with targets of $ 3.7200 and $ 3.8250.


On the fundamental news of March 11 about the choice of Stellar platform for micropayments for news subscriptions by the German media concern Börsenmedien AG, the XLM / USD pair is trading with an increase in quotes above the level of the short-term trend.

At the time of market analysis, the XLM coin is listed at $ 0.1077. The price of a cryptoactive breaks through resistance at the first key level of $ 0.1063. A day earlier, the maximum of the instrument quotes was fixed at $ 0.1115, several points below the key resistance level R2- $ 0.1121.

March 12 XLMUSD H4
March 12 XLMUSD H4

On the four-hour Stellar chart with the RSI14 indicator, a bullish divergence has formed, which does not exclude a short-term price correction from its current value to the support level of $ 0.1063, but on a longer time period it strengthens the growth signals.

It is expected that before the end of the current session, the price of the coin will update the maximum of the last session and test resistance at the key level R2- $ 0.1121.

XLM / USD purchases at the minimums of a likely correction are recommended, with targets of $ 0.1120 and $ 0.1146.


Cardano’s short-term trend is classified as ascending. The support of the altcoin price from March 5 is formed by bulls along the line of the short moving average EMA30 with the current value of $ 0.0450.

At the time of the market review, the ADA / USD pair is listed at $ 0.0470. The price of the coin is adjusted after a strong increase in the last 8 hours.

March 12 ADAUSD H4
March 12 ADAUSD H4

The values of the relative strength index are in the neutral area, the RSI14 line is turned down to the neutral level crossing, which increases the likelihood of a decrease in quotations to at least $ 0.0466 at the key level R1.

In the event of a breakdown of support at a designated level, it is recommended to search for entry points into the market by short-term purchases in the area of values of the dynamic level of support in the EMA30 line. Goals for longs are $ 0.0460 and $ 0.0473.


Since March 5, the IOTA rate remains neutral, the price of the coin moves in a horizontal channel with the main support-resistance levels of $ 0.277 and $ 0.2900, respectively.

At the time of publication of the review, the IOTA / USD pair is quoted at $ 0.2884 with a minimum pullback of quotes from the session high $ 0.2898.

March 12 IOTAUSD H4
March 12 IOTAUSD H4

Altcoin price correction is expected to continue in the coming hours. The bulls form a temporary support pair along the short moving average EMA30 with the current value of $ 0.2850.

Trading recommendations are not a guide to action. Following the recommendations, you assume the associated risk of loss of funds.


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