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Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin: the blockchain will be the majority of the economy in 10-20 years

The co-founder of Ethereum (ETH), Joseph Lubin, said that he expects the world economy to grow 10 times in 10-20 years, when the blockchain is fully branched. Lubin made a statement at the SXSW conference in Austin on March 14.

In the same speech, Lubin also noted that, as in our days, there are not so many “normal” people using systems based on the blockchain, and in 1983 there were not so many “normal” people launching email. ”

He also repeated the promises of Ethereum 2.0, stating that there are many inefficiencies in Bitcoin (BTC) and the current version of Ethereum, which Ethereum 2.0 will not have:

“In Bitcoin and now in Ethereum, you need to have specialized equipment, burn a lot of electricity, spend a lot of calculations to synchronize everyone. [With Ethereum 2.0 in 18 months] we will have a block chain system that is much more powerful and scalable, using an order of magnitude less energy. ”

Lubin also said that blockchain technology and decentralization can benefit content creators and journalists.

The statements mentioned above also correspond to what Lubin said last November, when he told the New York Times interviewer that with the help of the blockchain society will move “from scarcity to abundance thinking”.

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