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Jack Dorsey and the Satoshi Tribute: Cryptocurrencies in the Super Bowl

Super Bowl LVIII: Cryptocurrencies in the Grandstand, not in the Ads


  • Dorsey Honors Satoshi: Jack Dorsey stands out at the Super Bowl in a ‘Satoshi’ sweatshirt, showing his support for Bitcoin.
  • Crypto advertising silence: Cryptocurrencies companies choose not to advertise at the event, signaling a change in marketing strategy.
  • Global and legislative focus: Platforms like Kraken are looking to expand internationally, while Coinbase is focused on influencing crypto legislation.

At Super Bowl LVIII, the world of cryptocurrencies was present in an unexpected and striking way.

As the spotlight focused on the glamor of one of the biggest sporting events of the year, Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter and CEO of Block Inc, captured attention when he was spotted in the stands alongside two music icons: Jay Z and Beyoncé.

But what caught the most attention was not his company, but the sweatshirt he was wearing, with the word ‘Satoshi’ printed on it.

This gesture did not go unnoticed, as it was a clear tribute to the enigmatic creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, and a sign of Dorsey’s continued support for the leading cryptocurrency.

However, what was most notable was the absence of the announced cryptocurrency trades.

Unlike previous years, no company in the sector chose to spend large sums of money on advertising during the event.

This change in marketing strategy suggests a shift toward other forms of promotion and a diversification of efforts.

Major Cryptocurrencies exchanges platforms are also adjusting their approaches

Kraken, the second largest in the United States, decided to move away from the American football championship to direct its efforts toward global expansion.

This decision reflects recognition of growth potential outside the US market.

Jack Dorsey and the Satoshi Tribute: Cryptocurrencies in the Super Bowl

On the other hand, Coinbase, the largest exchange platform in the United States, is changing its approach to legislation.

Instead of focusing on advertising, the company is directing its resources toward lobbying for meaningful crypto laws and supporting politicians in Washington, D.C.

This proactive strategy suggests an intention to influence the regulation and legal environment affecting the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The decision by companies like BlackRock and Grayscale to refrain from advertising during the Super Bowl is also notable.

Despite the recent approval of Bitcoin ETFs, these companies are carefully evaluating their promotion strategies, suggesting a possible preference for more targeted approaches or careful consideration of investment returns.

Super Bowl LVIII was not only a sporting event, but also a showcase of the ever-changing evolution and strategies within the world of cryptocurrencies.

From the presence of prominent figures to adjustments in marketing strategies, every detail reveals the dynamics and developing maturity of this emerging industry.

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