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No more than $9 000 a year. The Russians will limit the possibility of investment in ICO

The Russians, who do not have the status of “qualified investor”, I want to restrict at the legislative level, the opportunity to invest through crowdfunding platforms (including the ICO). The maximum you can invest per year is 600 thousand rubles (about $9 000) a year, and it sumarno, rather than one specific project.

According to the draft law on regulation of crowdfunding platforms being prepared for consideration by the state Duma in the second reading, not having the status of a qualified investor, individuals will be able to invest in projects via crowdfunding platform is not more than 600 thousand rubles a year, while the amount of investment in one project should not exceed 100 thousand RUB.

The second reading of the bill on crowdfunding platforms will likely be considered in January 2019.

“This version of the bill does not limit the size of investments in social or charity projects. The limit is only for private investors that direct funds in commercial projects”, — said the head of the Duma Committee on financial markets Anatoly Aksakov.

In turn, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation added that investing via crowdfunding platforms is “risky and can lead to loss of all invested funds in full.” In this regard, the regulator wants to protect “unqualified investors” from such risks.

Who is considered a qualified investor

A citizen can be declared a qualified investor if it meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • the availability of assets or certain types of property in the amount of 6 million rubles;
  • experience in organizations from the sphere of securities not less than two or three years, depending on the status of the employer;
  • of securities for the year with a frequency of not less than ten per quarter, but not less than one transaction per month with a turnover of not less than 6 million rubles;
  • the higher economic education or special financial certificate.


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