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Starknet Launches Seed Grant Program to Boost Financial Support for Blockchain Projects

Starknet Launches Seed Grant Program to Boost Financial Support for Blockchain Projects


  • The Starknet Foundation launches the Seed Grant Program with up to $25,000 in USDC for projects in the final stages of blockchain development.
  • The program seeks to support teams with projects in the MVP or proof of concept stage to drive innovation in blockchain.
  • Active participation in the Starknet community and the use of existing tools in the grant evaluation process are highlighted.

The Starknet Foundation has announced the launch of its Seed Grant Program, an initiative designed to financially support development teams in the final phase of blockchain projects on the Starknet network.

This program offers up to $25,000 in USDC as non-dilutive financing to fuel the growth of the Starknet ecosystem and foster innovation in the blockchain space.

A notable feature of the program is its focus on projects that have already developed a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or proof of concept.

This demonstrates the foundation’s intention to support initiatives that are close to reaching the market, but that need an additional boost to achieve it.

Additionally, the importance of active participation in the Starknet community is emphasized, whether through hackathons, development programs, or similar entry initiatives.

The application and assessment process has been simplified to ensure a quick response to applicants.

After submitting a clear and detailed proposal on how the funds will be used over the next three months, an internal committee will evaluate each application based on its potential impact, innovation, milestones achieved, community engagement, and integration with existing Starknet tools.

It is important to note that not all projects are eligible for this program.

Mature initiatives with an established presence on Starknet or that are related to prohibited activities, such as gambling, drugs, weapons, illicit trade or money laundering, will not qualify for these grants.

Regarding the application, those interested can access the application form through the link provided by the Starknet Foundation.

Once the application is approved and the necessary procedures are completed, beneficiaries will receive the funds and will be subject to subsequent monitoring to evaluate the results achieved with the grant.

Starknet launches Seed Grant Program to financially boost blockchain projects

Development and evolution of the Starknet program

Since its launch, the Starknet Foundation Seed Grant Program has received significant attention within the blockchain community.

Several teams and projects have shown interest in participating, reflecting the positive impact that this initiative is generating on the Starknet ecosystem and on innovation in general in the blockchain space.

One of the highlights of the program is its ability to foster collaboration and the development of meaningful projects on the Starknet network.

By facilitating access to non-dilutive funds and providing a clear and transparent evaluation process, the foundation is directly contributing to the growth and expansion of innovative solutions in blockchain.

As the Seed Grant Program continues to evolve, it is expected to continue to be a key driver of blockchain technology development and adoption across various sectors.

The focus on late-stage projects and the promotion of active participation in the Starknet community underscore the foundation’s commitment to excellence in innovation and sustainable growth of the blockchain ecosystem.

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