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Tapswap Delays Token Launch and Airdrop to Q3, Promises Fair Distribution for Loyal Users

Tapswap Delays Token Launch and Airdrop to Q3, Promises Fair Distribution for Loyal Users


  • Token Launch Postponed: Tapswap has delayed its token launch and airdrop to Q3 2024 to develop a fair and beneficial strategy for users, amidst challenges with bot exploitation.
  • Community Focus: The company is working on tokenomics to ensure significant rewards for the community and is committed to a fair airdrop distribution, with measures to counteract scammers.
  • Fair Distribution Strategy: Tapswap is implementing systems to ban bots and incentivize rule-abiding behavior, promising clear rules for token distribution and further communication on airdrop eligibility.

Popular tap-to-earn game Tapswap announced on Monday that it has postponed its highly anticipated token launch and airdrop to the third quarter of 2024. This comes after a previous delay of the airdrop, originally planned for May 30th, due to an influx of bots trying to exploit the system.

According to Tapswap, the decision to delay the token launch stems from the need for more time to develop a robust strategy. “The success [we’ve had] comes with some ‘inconveniences’,” the team wrote on a messaging platform. “This level of attention requires much more detailed work on tokenomics and the right launch strategy.”

They emphasized that the extra time will ensure a launch that is not only fair but also beneficial for their user base. Specific details regarding the launch date for the TAPS token on The Open Network (TON) and airdrop eligibility remain unclear.

Addressing Scammers While Rewarding the Community

Tapswap Delays Token Launch and Airdrop to Q3, Promises Fair Distribution for Loyal Users

Launched in February, Tapswap boasts over 50 million users who earn rewards by tapping their screens. The game’s meteoric rise has attracted not only a large player base but also scammers looking to capitalize on the hype.

Tapswap aims to mitigate this by assuring users that “a significant portion of all tokens will be allocated to the community.” They plan to finalize the tokenomics (the structure that defines a cryptocurrency’s value) before updating users.

The project is committed to a fair airdrop distribution and has implemented a system to identify and ban malicious accounts that gamed the system using bots. They’re even exploring innovative solutions to incentivize “unscrupulous users” to return a portion of their claimed rewards in exchange for a smaller, guaranteed share.

This approach promotes a “win-win” scenario, ensuring a fairer distribution for users who played by the rules. While Tapswap refrained from disclosing specific airdrop eligibility details to prevent abuse, they promised “clear rules for token distribution to ensure fairness.”

With the delay announced, users can expect further communication regarding the launch and airdrop specifics in the coming months. This will likely include details on how users can qualify for the airdrop and the criteria for receiving TAPS tokens.

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