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The crypto currency exchange Huobi will start to burn tokens HT

The crypto currency exchange Huobi announced that 80% of HT token holders have voted for the quarterly burning of coins. Team site promised to publish a plan for the redemption of the token within five days.

Voted 5 010 user who gave 72 079 205 votes. One token HT was equal to one vote. 19,1% of voters wanted to keep the existing mechanism of distribution of the coins, while 80,99% voted for burning assets.

Huobi previously used 20% of the quarterly revenues for the redemption of HT on the open market and then distributes them to the holders of the coins. Users have requested the exchange to change the mechanism of distribution of token, after which the company decided to hold a vote.

Similar business model uses a crypto currency exchange Binance. Previously, we were told that the site was bought and burned tokens BNB (Binance Coin) $30 million.


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