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The trend of the season: Hidden mining on IoT devices

Cryptojacking or so-called hidden bitcoin mining and came up with the cryptocurrency and has gradually grown into an entire industry that continues to evolve hard and not depend on the rate of cryptocurrency. According to one of the leading providers of analytical information about threats to cybersecurity: McAfee Labs, a hidden mining reached and IoT devices (Internet of things).

Given that the device the “Internet of things” have very modest processing power, attackers take the number from the beginning of 2018, the number of recorded cases of infection of such devices viruses-the miners have increased three times.

The reason for this “love” for hackers to IoT devices is the lack of effective system of their protection, says REMCO Verhoef specialist McAfee Labs.

“Hidden mining on thousands of devices for a sufficiently long time may make a profit,” he explains.

Another trend 2018, McAfee Labs recorded many hackers who previously specialized in the virus-ransomware blocking access to computer and demanding ransom in bitcoin, now switch to create and distribute virus-miners. According to the company, this is due to the fact that viruses miners are more secure and profitable occupation.

Only in the third quarter of 2018, those recorded nearly 4 million cases, compared to 2.5 million in the second and about the same number in the first. In 2016-2017 recorded less than 500 thousand cases of virus-miners for the entire year, so the dynamics speaks for itself. The increase in the number of recorded cases of the virus use hashing since the start of 2018, more than 4000%.


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