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Total control and tight limits. What awaits the Russian crypto community

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation will allow unqualified investors to buy cryptoactives within the limit, which is calculated for a period of one year. This is stated in the draft directives of the Central Bank to the bill on digital financial assets. According to the publication of RBC, the main provisions of this instruction were confirmed by the head of the State Duma's Financial Market Committee, Anatoly Aksakov.

Crypto-assets or “digital financial assets” are understood to mean any rights (tokens) made through the blockchain, including for securities, property, real estate, shares in companies, as well as monetary claims.

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation will determine the limit for cryptoactive assets separately, it will probably correspond to the maximum annual amount that unqualified investors can invest in accordance with the crowdfunding bill, Aksakov explained. That is, we can talk about 600 thousand rubles. (about $ 9,100)

As follows from the instructions of the Central Bank, for unqualified investors, transactions will be limited to:

  • the amount of money transferred as payment;
  • the total value of digital assets (for example, tokens) that are exchanged;
  • the value of the digital exchange marks transferred in exchange, which can be understood as cryptocurrencies (we are not talking about existing cryptocurrencies, but only cryptocurrencies that can be issued in Russia within the framework of a future law)

When exchanging digital assets for each other, the transaction amount will be calculated on the basis of their nominal value.

Investors will be able to buy digital assets, such as tokens issued by Russian companies, without the mediation of professional participants in the securities market. Nevertheless, the operators of the exchange of digital financial assets (banks, depositories and stock exchanges), which will ensure the operation of distributed registries, will have to keep track of all transactions.

Operators will be required to share with each other the total cost data purchased by an unqualified asset investor.


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