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Trading platform PrimeXBT distributes $1 million

PrimeXBT, an advanced trading platform cryptocurrency with adjustable leverage up to 1:100, which can be used on both long and short positions, conducting a large-scale distribution of $1,000,000 in bitcoins.

In order to participate in AirDrop, the user must register on the official website of the platform – https://primexbt.com.

After registration, each participant receives a 50% discount on Commission when trading for a period of 1 month. By the way, registration and opening account on the platform is free, the minimum Deposit is 0.001 BTC or about $40 at the exchange rate at the end of 2018. Additionally, each member gets early access to trading on the platform.

In his personal account registered user receives a referral link which you can share on social networks, on Reddit, Bitcointalk and Telegram. Then paste it into a review on YouTube, Medium, Steemit and other blog platforms or streaming platforms. Everyone who came through your referral link also gets a Commission discount 50%. For each invited user you get points the more points, the bigger your final payout.

Prizes are as follows:

1st place – $250,000 in BTC;

2nd place – $100 000 in BTC;

3rd place – $50,000 in BTC;

from 4th to 10th place – $18,000 in BTC;

from 11 to 100 place – $400 in BTC;

from 101 to 1 000 place – $200 in BTC;

with 1 001 – 10 000 place – $40 in BTC.

The money won can be used as start-up capital on the platform PrimeXBT and earn cryptocurrency on the market regardless of whether the market falls or rises. This is possible thanks to the adjustable leverage from 1:1 to 1:100. You will be able not only to operate the sum in 100 times more starting capital, but can earn up to 100 times more than other commercial areas where a maximum leverage of only 1:5.

In addition to the above advantages, trading platform PrimeXBT has a number of significant features, which help traders to comfortable and successful trade:

  • The lack of KYC procedures. Customers PrimeXBT not required to prove their identity, as all calculations are performed in crypto-currencies, and the platform supports the right to privacy inherent in the concept of cryptocurrencies;
  • Aggregated liquidity from 12 suppliers provides traders the best price with no slippage and “glitches” regardless of how big capital controls the trader;
  • The possibility of opening opposite positions and short orders with a leverage of 1:100. Simply put, PrimeXBT provides a way to hedge risks, in contrast to other marketplaces and cryptocurrency exchanges;
  • Customizable trading terminal for your needs. You can use intuitive layout with more than one monitor, widget monitor active orders and more;
  • For the convenience of traders developed the mobile application for smartphones and tablets based on operating systems iOS and Android. You can always stay in the market and instantly open orders, even hundreds of kilometers away from the workplace;
  • In case of any questions or problems, traders work round the clock customer support, which operates without breaks and days off, as quickly as possible by solving the problems of clients;
  • Multi-level security system, which includes two-factor authentication, SSL-encryption, cryptographic hashing of passwords, storing of funds in cold wallets and much more, will ensure the safety of traders ‘ money and preserves confidentiality.

In order to evaluate the entire spectrum of platform capabilities and qualify for a raffle $1 000 000, you need to pass free registration on the official website https://primexbt.comto receive a 50% discount on Commission when trading, early access to the trading platform and the most important thing a referral link which will help you to score points and win prizes.

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