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30% of citizens of the Russian Federation believe that 30,000 rubles is an excellent pension

More than a third of the population of the Russian Federation in a social survey reported that 30,000 rubles is more than a decent pension. This survey was conducted by the Sberbank Non-State Pension Fund.

30,000 rubles a month is considered sufficient by more than a third of future retirees who participated in the survey. More than a quarter of respondents (28%) believe that in old age they will need at least 45-60,000 rubles a month.

At the same time, more than 40% of respondents believe that their pension will be between 15 and 30,000 rubles and, unfortunately, without their own savings, they will not be able to provide a comfortable life in old age. Of these, 20% of respondents expect to receive 15-20,000 rubles per month, and 20.4% – from 20 to 30,000 rubles. Another 24% count on the state pension in the amount of 10-15,000 rubles.

People who are now between 30 and 39 years old expect to receive a state pension in the amount of 30,000 to 50,000 rubles a month. Units are hoping for income of more than 50,000 rubles – and these are mostly people under 30 years old, the press service of the Sberbank NPF notes.

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