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As Proof of the action Keys struck on top cryptomeria

Yesterday kicked off the global international action Proof of Keys, whose members withdraw their cryptocurrency assets under custody exchanges, to ensure their ability to meet financial obligations to customers and “to remind” about who is the real owners of the deposits. Top stock exchange immediately “sanatorios”, and some have pre-closed the possibility of the cryptocurrency.

Action Proof of Keys immediately led to the temporary suspension of the work of such giants as Bitfinex and Coinbase, delays in transfer procedures on Poloniex, as well as massive failures to enumerate the ordered funds in cryptomeria HitBTC and Purse.io.

HitBTC is the first platform that got scared of possible problems freezing the withdrawal of the Deposit for 4 days, citing problems with compliance procedures KYC (know your customer).

Suddenly it was joined by the exchange Poloniex – translation was carried out with long delays Support demanded excessive evidence of identity verification or requests a different wallet address, etc.

Bitfinex at the end of the day completely stopped the operation of the site, though the withdrawal was continued after several hours of inactivity. A similar event happened at Coinbase – the largest by number of customers kriptolodzhika “hard” after an hour of absence.

Action Proof of Keys is designed to remind you that Satoshi Nakamoto has protected the Deposit by a pair of secret keys that bind specific wallet address with the coins of BTC stored on the blockchain to avoid using intermediaries in any financial organizations, including exchanges or online wallets.

The fact that cryptocurrency exchange, thanks to the use of the software can easily organize the so-called “kitchen auctions” — the client will see a course change to place the order and lose the money that actually will not participate in the actual purchases or sales. This allows the site to draw in income 100% lost Deposit, creating the illusion of trading.

The belief that 90% of traders lose digital currency, leads to “advance” the use of these customer deposits. To identify the abuse can only be mass withdrawals that the process of emptying to detect “holes”.


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