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Belarusian crypto currency exchange will conduct a video recording of discussions with clients

High technology Park (a special economic zone with special tax and legal regime in the Republic of Belarus) has published regulations that reglamentary work of the cryptocurrency market. Set rules for organizers and customers of ICO, operators cryptoplasm, the requirements for internal control.

Now, under the new rules, operators of cryptocurrency exchange offices are required to conduct a video or audio recording of negotiations with customers, keep them, and a correspondence during five years. The operator is also required to copy the data on transactions of customers every day.

Cryptocurrency exchangers are required to ask individuals their name and surname, date of birth, address of residence, legal entities — name, location, and tax ID. If the exchanger will operate the personal account, the operator shall ensure the registration of two offices by one person.

Another interesting point is that the operator may reject the client’s transaction if it suspects that the client “does not have sufficient level of knowledge to execute such transactions.” Determination of the level of knowledge shall be conducted by filling the test. The test materials must be kept for 5 years.


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