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Bitcoin rate: market news analysis, February 7, 2019

According to CoinMarketCap, at 16:00 Moscow time on February 7, the bitcoin market was estimated at $ 59.7 billion. The weighted average price per BTC coin in the past 24 hours increased to $ 3,428 against the low of the last session of $ 3,400.

On the largest cryptobirds Bitcoin to the US dollar today is traded with a minimum price volatility, in the range of $ 3360-3390. The value of the average daily trading volume for Bitcoin is $ 5.2 billion, and is kept at the level of a thirty-day moving average.

CoinMarketCap statistics
CoinMarketCap statistics

According to experts, there are currently no catalysts on the market for the largest cryptocurrency to break the dominant bearish sentiment.

The data of technical analysis of the Bitcoin rate indicate a high probability of a bearish breakthrough at a key level of $ 3,300. Breakthrough key support will allow the BTC / USD pair to update the annual minimum at around $ 3120.


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