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BitMix is Your Final Choice When Looking for Full Anonymity in Bitcoin Network


Decentralization and anonymity are two critical aspects of cryptocurrencies that attract most of the users. But Bitcoin is not entirely anonymous, and many entities can trace its transactions. Governments and cybercriminals are badly trying to track Bitcoin users and often succeed in finding the original person holding the coin. Bitcoin Mixers are the solution for this challenge that give many of today’s Bitcoin users ease of mind. Bitmix is one of the leading mixers in the market that provides various services next to mixing the Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin Mixing?

Bitcoin is not a fully anonymous blockchain; neither are other public blockchains. Multiple network analysis tools provide information about a cryptocurrency user like main wallet address and account balance. Many monitoring authorities or criminals use these services to find and threat the end-user. While Bitcoin addresses are pseudonymous, hacking an exchange can result in finding the main wallet address connected to each user. Many exchanges require full personal information from clients, and this means they know each person’s withdrawal wallet address. These situations are always awful for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and result in less positivity and trust toward the overall concept of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Mixer or Bitcoin Blender is a service that gives full anonymity to the users. Bitcoin Tumbler is another term for these kinds of services. They accept Bitcoin from users and send back different coins that are mixed and not traceable to the sending wallet address.

bitmix logoWhat is Bitmix?

BitMix (Bitmix.biz) is one of the leading bitcoin mixers in the market. This Bitcoin mixing service provides multiple options for people looking for more privacy in the cryptocurrency industry. The platform supports Bitcoin, Dash, and Litecoin. So the users can mix three of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Users looking to mix BTC via BitMix have a straightforward process in front. They have to send the needed amount of BTC (or LTC or DASH) to a unique address in the website and then receive the shuffled clean coins. The individual address for each user has a digital sign that guarantees its server generates the address. BitMix holds pre-mixed bitcoins and sneds the order immediately after the required confirmation for each transaction is met.

BitMix Features

BitMix is one of the few Bitcoin mixers in the market that support multiple languages. The platform supports English, Russian, Hindi, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, German, Dutch, and Polish languages. BitMix will add other languages soon. Besides, it supports Tor, and there is a unique Tor address for users looking for more privacy in the process. Also, there are Clearnet and NoJS versions available that maximize the privacy and security in this platform.

All of the cryptocurrency mixers have a minimum requirement for mixing coins. The minimum amount of cryptocurrency in BitMix is 0.005 BTC/LTC/DASH. So many regular users with little holdings and transactions can benefit from the BitMix services and mix Bitcoins.

Any user looking for full anonymity in the BTC network needs fast transaction, too. They want to mix their holding as fast as possible to continue other operations like payment or buying goods with their coins. BitMix provides instant payment to its customers because already-mixed BTC is always available in the platform. Once the payment transaction from the user gets confirmed, the mixed clean BTC/LTC/DASH will be sent back.

bitmix btc mixerCompletely anonymous

BitMix is one of the few Bitcoin mixers that requires the least information from users. Besides, it encrypts all transactions with hardware tools. The platform does not hold any logs from receiving and sending coins. It also deletes all of the entries after 72 hours automatically.

What are the advantages of BitMix?

Bitcoin mixers compete to achieve as more privacy and anonymity as possible. BitMix Bitcoin blender tries to accomplish these goals by combining multiple options and features. There are some unique tools available in BitMix next to all of the features mentioned above. One of the most crucial ones is the option for the user to choose a custom transfer fee. This makes it possible to select something between %0.4-4 as a transaction fee, so the criminals can’t scan the network and find the exact transaction connected to your wallet.

All of the users in BitMix will receive a unique lock code after the first mixing. This code guarantees no previous BTC/LTC/DASH sent by the user will be included in future orders. Besides, users transacting 0.1 BTC or 1 LTC minimum have an option in BitMix named ‘Randomize Option’. They can choose this option to divide their receiving transaction, and the traceability becomes somehow impossible.

BitMix provides automatic and manual settings. In other words, users can rely on the secure default settings for each BTC mixing or adjust the settings to their desire. For example, a user can save the hashcode and duplicate it in future mixings. Developers can benefit from BitMix API to give the opportunity if mixing to their users. This API provides all the necessary tools needed to mix and clean cryptocurrencies.

bitmix platformEarn Money by BitMix Partner Program

BitMix has a partner program to incentivize users to invite their friends and colleagues. You can join the free BitMix Affiliate Program by signing up in BitMix.biz. It will create a unique link for you to share on social media or other sources. When a customer uses your link to mix BTC/LTC/DASH, you will receive %50 commission. Developers who deploy BitMix API will receive more commission per user.

bitmix 4Conclusion

Many people use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because of the secure and anonymous nature of blockchain technologies. Criminals and bad actors have been active in finding ways to threat cryptocurrency users and steal their money or even identity. Bitcoin Mixers like BitMix can be the ultimate solution for people looking to keep themselves safe against criminals. The anonymity provided by these services gives you the ease of mind when holding coins or paying online with them.

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