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CEO Binance is preparing to launch 10 new cryptocurrency exchanges

Chanpen Zhao, CEO Binance, predicts the cryptocurrency market has a good future despite the loss of 80% of capitalization in recent months. He said this in an interview with Bloomberg Daybreak: Middle East.

“2018 was difficult for cryptocurrencies in the context of prices, and I think this year we saw the implementation of many projects, as it is the year of correction”.

However, Zhao confidence in the market, due to a number of ongoing developments.

“In the long term industry rests on real applications, real use of cryptocurrencies working on that a lot of people. This is regardless of price movements”.

Binance plans in 2019 to run 10 stock exchanges in the format of “Fiat-crypto”, and the opening 2 or 3 of them scheduled for the next few months. Among them, the first decentralized exchange from Binance.

Zhao also noted that the company is ready to cooperate with regulators like the sec securities and exchange Commission (SEC).

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