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ClayStack Announces Its Revolutionary Restaking Solution with EigenLayer

ClayStack Announces Its Revolutionary Restaking Solution with EigenLayer

ClayStack has unveiled its latest innovation in the world of cryptocurrencies: its revolutionary restaking solution integrated with Ethereum’s EigenLayer protocol.

This novel proposal allows users to natively reset their Ethereum (ETH) with ClayStack, obtaining rewards in the form of CLAY points, EigenLayer points and other benefits.

EigenLayer presents itself as a restaking protocol with a unique focus in the Ethereum space.

It aims to address the challenges associated with innovation at the infrastructure level, leveraging the economic trust of Ethereum to build advanced project infrastructure components.

Within this context, ClayStack has been integrated with EigenLayer, allowing users to reset their ETH natively.

This integration not only offers rewards in the form of CLAY and EigenLayer points, but also provides the ability to participate in staking and restaking rewards.

ClayStack Liquid Resttaking solution is presented as a modular protocol based on DVT

It seeks to be highly secure, decentralized and scalable.

ClayStack Opens the Doors to a New Paradigm in Staking with Ethereum

Users can generate csETH by depositing ETH, accumulating CLAY points and EigenLayer points without limitations, while also earning rewards for their staked assets.

One of the standout features of this solution is the ability to reset ETH on EigenLayer without deposit limits.

This means that users are free to deposit any amount of ETH into ClayStack, which will then be restored to Eigenpods.

Additionally, ClayStack plans to accept other Liquid Staking Tokens (LST), positioning itself as a versatile platform in the market.

ClayStack’s points system allows users to redeem CLAY points at a 1:1 ratio, offering transparency and flexibility.

Currently, 20 CLAY points are allocated per ETH each week, and although the rate can change weekly, there are no minimum or maximum limits for users, with a weekly limit for all users that resets at the start of each week.

With a long-term vision, ClayStack has designed this Liquid Restaking solution to eliminate minimum capital requirements, achieve a highly scalable architecture, and offer leading levels of security.

In this context, ClayStack invites users to join this cryptocurrency staking revolution, highlighting that restaking is a trend that is here to stay.

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