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Cloud mining without investment: top 5 trusted websites in 2018

Mining crypts involves large costs for the purchase of equipment and electricity. But among the abundance of such services, there are those that fight for the client offer a bonus for signing up — free power.

This article describes in detail the mechanism of obtaining free cloud mining, such as bitcoin without the risk of being cheated. Here you can find information about the most reliable cloud-based enterprise cryptocurrency without investment. The following list is the top 5 reliable sites cloud hashing without investing 2018 will allow you to select any resource or use all at once. It is necessary to assess the prospects for future pay-rent capacity. All the services are well established over an extended period of time.

Cloud mining without investment — how it works

The opportunity to earn income from cloud mining without attachments on the machine, seems doubtful. However, some services do provide such bonuses and properly pay the income.

Popular user requests for the service cloud of mining bitcoins or broadcast output without attachments formed attractive deals on the market. But the income will be at best small. Providers use this maneuver for promotional purposes only, to encourage customers to register on their website and later to make the first purchase.

It works like this:

  1. The doubters, but “hot” is a user looking to make money online, or cryptomnesia falls on the announcement of the earnings without investment through cloud mining.
  2. He sees an ad on the site about the casino bonus like: “350 GH/s = 20$ for a month.”
  3. Make a decision and register on the website.
  4. Gets power and has successfully produced the desired cryptocurrency.
  5. Decides to withdraw funds to your wallet.

Often, it is even the most reliable companies on the fifth step, the user finds out about the mandatory condition for the withdrawal of the profits — paid rental facilities. Without this to extracted not. Depending on the greed of the provider unexpectedly prevent the withdrawal can hidden fees or minimum withdrawal amount. As a result, the user either becomes a client of the provider, or displays only a small part of income.

In tradesecrets and profitability paying cloud mining without investing in 2018 could be at the level of normal bitcoin faucets. These services are paid for viewing ads and filling out captcha.

The work of providers of free cloud mining is a reasonable suspicion of fraud and use of pyramid Ponzi. So they, like cloud coin cloud mining, on the homepage of their sites focus on honesty and transparency of your business. To assess the integrity of the service, it is necessary to conduct site analysis based on complex criteria.

Top 5 cloud enterprise without attachments: selection criteria

The cloud mining sites that pay without investment, you need to evaluate according to the criteria of certifying their real work and the attractiveness of the environment.

This list includes the following:

  1. Extraction conditions without investment – profitability, the duration of contracts and conditions for their renewal.
  2. Reliability — the availability of information about the company, photos, videos, equipment and employees, the duration of the service.
  3. The range of digital currencies, not all companies provide a lot of coins for mining, although this aspect is relevant in the conditions of stagnating market.
  4. Conditions of withdrawal and the Commission – an important caveat of the provider, from whom you can completely depend on the earnings of the user.
  5. Customer reviews.

The following criteria must be considered together in arriving at a conclusion about the usefulness of the service. We must remember that changes and the current prices of cryptocurrencies are at levels bordering on the economic feasibility of cloud-mining in principle. This forces providers to constantly invent new ones or modify the old terms of their contracts. By the way, trusted sites, cloud mining without attachments, 2017, as such may be or are simply not profitable. Selection criteria may also change gradually, including adding new requirements.

Rating best cloud-based enterprise without investment in 2018

The list of the best sites cloud mining bitcoin without attachments. Also considered services for the production of ether, monero and some other altcoins like Dogecoin. Based on the proposed criteria was composed of the following rating:

  1. CryptoMiningFarm – cloud mining with the ability to work without attachment and localization in the Russian language.
  2. WormMiner — a feature of the provider is to provide for production servers, not capacity.
  3. World mining – British service with a good bonus for signing and public information about the company.
  4. Cloud-mine — a service that regularly gives power when registering on the promotional code. Gives good bonuses when you purchase big contracts.
  5. BTCsweet – sweet signup bonus and profitable referral program.

These reasons the best cloud-based enterprise without attachments does not allow you to get monero, popular coin. In addition, these services do not work on Android or iOS, where cloud mining without investments possible in the games or the taps.


American cloud-based service that extracts only биткоbн. At registration gives 5 Gh/s, further buying capacity is at the rate of 0.18 USD/1Gh. ISP provides convenient tools for monitoring of mining and a potentially lucrative referral program, It also has responsive support. The website has been operating for several years. For Russian-speaking inconvenient it may be the lack of the Russian version of the service.


The cloud provider that appeared in the database of cloud-mine.online. You can work without investment, there are Russian support in Vkontakte, a referral system with payments in the amount of 7% of the profit.

Customers have the option to order the mined cryptocurrency. You can invest in increasing capacity or plan to withdraw income. For reviews the project allows you to earn a little, but regularly and reliably pays customers income in Dogecoin.

World mining

The first provider in this rating, which fully reveals the information about yourself. Is the equipment, the indicators of capacity and yield calculator. Provider informs you about warranties, offers to review your documents, which indirectly confirms the reliability of the resource.

Referral program you can immediately get 100 Gh/s. There are several ways to withdraw funds and rent servers.


At the start, the user gets 1 car — ASIK or farm for mining cryptocurrencies, as well as a contract for 1 year. Mining closed from September 2017 and has positive user reviews. The service has a referral program with payouts in the amount of 3% of the profits of the company. At the time of writing reason to doubt the reliability and perspectives of the provider were not. Also many users have noted the ease of working with the site – paid for production, you can simply select the equipment with known characteristics.


CryptoMiningFarm – the best cloud mining without investing 2018. The service gives a 50 Gh/s for free on contract for 15 years. Customers consistently receive the payment in the promised size. The company has a profitable referral program with a reward of 15% of profit and a high level of security. For Russian speakers is localization in the Russian language. Feedback about the website is positive. In fact, CryptoMiningFarm has all the hallmarks of reliable service.

So, it was a 5 most trusted sites cloud mining of crypto-currencies without investment from edition Cryptoratings. Which sites cloud mining Ethereum and other crypts without investment you think is the best in 2018? Share in the comments!

Author: Alexander Shuvalov


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