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CoinDeal Launches Crypto Debit Card With Great Benefits


The cryptocurrency exchange founders with years of experience in finance, Blockchain, and crypto industry, have prepared a pre-order of a CoinDeal debit card. Now, cryptocurrency payments will be easier than ever, at any time and place. If you want to buy a coffee directly from your exchange wallet, this card is the answer to that wish.

And for those who know about Blockchain, trading, and marketing, the platform gives a chance to join the international CoinDeal team – become a country manager, to animate local communities, and contribute to Blockchain adoption.

CoinDeal crypto-FIAT exchange

As per the recent US launch, the CoinDeal Global team is now eager to grow. Apart from new debit cards, the company recently launched mobile iOS and Android apps and has released its own CDL token that 90% of was given away for free to users.

CoinDeal is famous for ensuring the highest security standards and being responsive to users’ needs. Each new feature is consulted with them, including new coins entering the exchange, by voting. The platform gives a chance to get extra tokens for regular voting for the next crypto!

Free Debit Cards and 20 CDL Tokens extra

CoinDeal debit cards will enable crypto-holders the payments all over the world, as well as cash withdrawals from ATMs in local currencies. The pre-order of this crypto debit card is free, and each card request is rewarded with 20 CDL. Users can trade them immediately on the market. But, it’s also worth to wait until the card arrives and benefit from being a CDL Token holder.

Only the first 50,000 users can pre-order for free

Receiving a CoinDeal crypto debit card is possible, when

a user is registered and verified at the second level of verification (address verification is required to send the card) on the CoinDeal exchange, a user has downloaded and connected mobile application, a user has made the first deposit and first trade on any of the exchange markets.

However, CoinDeal points out that as of now it is pre-order, and the final distribution date depends on the interest in the Card, and service providers agreements.

Become CoinDeal Country Ambassador

Participation in this program assumes close cooperation with the company. The duties of such an ambassador will include i. a. the organization of conferences and events, as well as sharing the knowledge about the cryptocurrencies. The Country Ambassador will be the face of CoinDeal, representing the exchange in his home country, for example, in the USA (Florida or California), Korea, Indonesia, or Spain.

Contact Email Address[email protected]

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