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Blockchain Global Governance Conference (BG2C) FIN/SUM Blockchain & Business


Nikkei Inc. and the Japanese government’s Financial Services Agency will co-host “Blockchain Global Governance Conference (BG2C) FIN/SUM Blockchain & Business (FIN/SUM BB)” in Nihombashi, Tokyo, on Monday, March 9 and Tuesday, March 10, 2020. The event, to be held at Muromachi Mitsui Hall & Conference, will discuss how to set international rules regarding the social application of blockchain /decentralized ledger technologies.

The conference will be positioned as a spin-off of FIN/SUM, the international event that focused on the utilization of fintech. Blockchain serves as the “Internet of value” and forms the core of distributed financial technology such as crypto-assets, digital currencies and security tokens, but so far not enough debate has taken place on international rules and regulations while independent decentralized financial technologies have spread.

Regulatory authorities of many countries have agreed on the need for engaging a wide range of stakeholders in addressing such issues as security, privacy and traceability. Based on such international consensus and concomitant argument, the conference will aim to build the foundation for unbiased debate among various stakeholders so they can deepen mutual understanding and enhance cooperation to bring about “multi-stakeholder governance” in a decentralized financial system.

blockchainThe application of blockchain is no longer limited to financial fields but has been expanding to other industries including international trade, supply chains and logistics. The upcoming conference will showcase various examples of business application of the technology. It will also broaden debate about ongoing efforts in utilizing the technology and issues they need to address, by examining existing business models and future possibilities.

The event will invite a broad rage of participants from around the world, including active blockchain engineers, researchers from universities and related institutions, business operators, consumers, and regulatory officials. It will seek to set a path for finding necessary solutions to the social application of the technology by encouraging exchange of opinions from respective positions of the participants regarding international rules and governance.

The outline of the event

  • Title: Blockchain Global Governance Conference (BG2C) & FIN/SUM Blockchain & Business
  • Dates: Monday, March 9, and Tuesday, March 10
  • Venue: Muromachi Mitsui Hall & Conference, 3rd floor, COREDO Muromachi Terrace 3-2-1, Nihonbashi-Muromachi, Chuo Ward, Tokyo
  • Hosts: Nikkei, Inc., Financial Services Agency
  • Tickets: General admission \50,000; public, academic, startup officials \30,000; students \15,000; to be purchased from official website; prices include tax
  • Official website:
  • For inquiries: [email protected]

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