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Compulsory identification of cryptocurrency holders and verification of the coins themselves will be introduced in the Russian Federation

In the framework of the fight against money laundering, cryptocurrency holders in Russia want to be required to pass a special identification. Corresponding amendments will be made to the bill on digital financial assets for the second reading in the State Duma, Anatoly Aksakov, chairman of the State Duma Finary Market Committee, said.

Without identification, cryptoinvestors will not be able to transfer money from accounts in Russian banks into digital financial assets (CFA), in particular, into cryptocurrencies, Aksakov explained. And, since the bill on the CFA will be coupled with the current legislation on countering the laundering of income, the punishment for violating the “anti-money laundering” law can reach 15 years in prison. Thus, conducting transactions with unidentified cryptoinvestors will be a sign of illegal schemes.

In addition, the Russian crypto community is waiting for another innovation – decentralized cryptocurrencies that “do not comply with Russian legislation” will be recognized as illegal. According to Aksakov, this check will resemble listing securities on traditional stock exchanges – but in a simplified and inexpensive form.


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