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  • and Unstoppable Domains have launched a sale of 200 premium Web3 domains, priced between $20 and $10,000 in July.
  • The offered domains include recognizable names like “1.go,” “pay.austin,” and “bags.crypto,” designed to enhance the user experience in crypto transactions.
  • The initiative expands options for users interested in entering the world of decentralized finance. and Unstoppable Domains have joined forces to launch a sale of premium Web3 domains, marking a significant advancement in blockchain ecosystem expansion. This strategic collaboration allows users to acquire 200 exclusive domains priced between $20 and $10,000 throughout July.

The offered domains feature short and recognizable names such as “1.go,” “pay.austin,” “bags.crypto,” and the highly sought-after “x.x.” Each of these domains is designed to improve accessibility and user experience in crypto transactions, replacing complex wallet addresses with easy-to-remember names usable across various Web3 applications.

Thomas Prevot, Director of Digital Partnerships at, emphasized the strategic importance of domain ownership in today’s Web3 context. He highlighted the initiative as a crucial step in democratizing access to advanced tools within the crypto world, while bolstering the company’s position as a disruptive platform in technological innovation. Opens the Doors to the Blockchain World

Sandy Carter, Chief Operating Officer of Unstoppable Domains, underscored how these domains not only simplify transactions but also secure full ownership rights for their owners. Carter highlighted that Web3 domains play a fundamental role in enhancing security and usability in daily crypto interactions, paving the way to promote widespread adoption of decentralized technologies. post

The partnership between both firms is evidence of growing institutional interest in cryptocurrencies and their integration into the global financial system. With nearly four million domains registered to date. Unstoppable Domains has solidified its leadership in providing disruptive tools within Web3 and Web2 ecosystems.

The initiative broadens options available to users keen on entering the world of decentralized finance. Furthermore, it establishes a higher standard in terms of security and efficiency in digital transactions. The doors are open for the arrival of new crypto users. Guaranteed by easier and safer access to opportunities offered by the blockchain universe.

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