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Crypto Whale Sells Over $400 Million in Bitcoin: Retail Investors Respond by Buying


  • A whale sold over $400 million in Bitcoin through multiple transactions on Binance, impacting the price of BTC.
  • Despite the massive sell-off, retail investors opted to “buy the dip,” increasing their positions in Bitcoin when the price fell below $60,000.
  • Analysts like Cold Blooded Shiller advise caution and patience amidst market volatility, emphasizing the importance of carefully evaluating investment decisions in turbulent times.

Amidst crypto market volatility, a whale has triggered a flurry of activity by selling over $400 million in Bitcoin, directly impacting BTC prices. The sale was executed through multiple transactions on Binance and has been seen as a warning sign by market analysts.

The whale, identified by the wallet address 3G98j, initially deposited 1,800 BTC valued at approximately $106.08 million on Binance. Shortly after, another transfer of 1,800 BTC worth around $100 million followed. The investor’s moves sparked speculation about the motives behind such sales, with suggestions that it could be an asset liquidation strategy in a volatile market.

Despite the significant sell-off, retail investors responded decisively. Instead of retreating, many chose to “buy the dip,” seizing the lower prices to increase their Bitcoin holdings. Data from Santiment shows a notable increase in Bitcoin purchases below the $60,000 mark, indicating resilient confidence in the future prospects of the leading cryptocurrency.

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Retail Investors Respond to Whale Sale

Crypto analyst Cold Blooded Shiller has advised caution and patience given current market conditions. He noted that retail investors’ positive reaction could present a strategic opportunity but also warned of inherent risks in operating in such a volatile market. He recommends investors maintain a balanced stance and carefully assess their investment decisions based on market conditions and their own risk tolerance.

The crypto market is navigating complex times, where whale movements often have significant repercussions. However, retail investors have assessed their opportunities in a market characterized by rapid fluctuations. Being prepared is crucial to securing positions.

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