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Drake Boosts Interest in Bitcoin by Endorsing Michael Saylor’s Long-Term Holding Strategy

Drake Boosts Interest in Bitcoin by Endorsing Michael Saylor's Long-Term Holding Strategy


  • The famous Canadian rapper Drake shares on his Instagram account an interview with Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, about Bitcoin.
  • Saylor explains his strategy of holding Bitcoin for 100 years and highlights its usefulness as a store of value.
  • Drake, known for his interest in cryptocurrencies, supports Saylor’s vision, strengthening the perception of Bitcoin as a legitimate investment.

Drake, the renowned Canadian rapper with more than 146 million followers on Instagram, has put Bitcoin back on the radar by sharing an interview with Michael Saylor, co-founder of MicroStrategy.

In the short video, Saylor discusses the utility and value of Bitcoin, highlighting its role as a long-term store of value.

Saylor, whose company owns a significant amount of Bitcoin worth billions of dollars, explains his long-term holding strategy: “We’re buying it to hold it for 100 years.”

This outlook contrasts with the short-term volatility of the cryptocurrency market and underlines the belief in Bitcoin’s lasting potential as a financial asset.

Drake’s involvement in Bitcoin promotion is not new

In the past, he has shared images of his hardware wallet, used to store digital assets, and has won significant sums by staking Bitcoin.

Drake Boosts Interest in Bitcoin by Endorsing Michael Saylor's Long-Term Holding Strategy

These actions support his credibility as a cryptocurrency advocate and reinforce the message of the shared interview.

Endorsements from prominent figures like Drake and institutional adoption of Bitcoin have contributed to the recent rise in its value, reaching all-time highs and surpassing the market capitalization of precious metals like silver.

This bullish momentum has been supported by events such as the approval of multiple Bitcoin ETFs by the SEC and significant investments in Bitcoin by renowned financial institutions.

The collaboration between Drake and Saylor highlights the growing acceptance and legitimacy of Bitcoin as a viable and sustainable long-term investment.

His social media influence and support for Bitcoin’s long-term holding vision may inspire more people to consider cryptocurrencies as part of their investment portfolio.

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