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E-commerce company Rakuten is preparing a cryptocurrency exchange for the April launch after the change of name

Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten has completed the registration of its cryptocurrency exchange Rakuten Wallet, which will begin operations next month, the company confirmed in a March 25 press release.

Rakuten, who followed several major Japanese tech players in the crypto-exchange market, renamed her product to Everybody Bitcoin earlier this month.

The company acquired the exchange under the same name in August last year for 265 million yen (at that time 2.4 million dollars).

After a period of consolidation, during which Rakuten made changes to its structure, the leaders confirmed that each Bitcoin in its current form would stop working at the end of March.

“Rakuten Wallet will contribute to the steady growth of the market as a virtual currency exchange company, and will further enhance security and provide better services so that more customers can use it safely and confidently,” the company said.

Each Bitcoin received an order last April to improve business from Japanese financial regulators as part of the investigations that followed the burglary of half a billion dollars from another Japanese platform, Coincheck, three months ago.

Several exchanges have received such orders based on security reviews and data processing.

Coincheck himself made a ransom from the online broker Monex Group, who in April paid $ 33 million for the platform.

Meanwhile, this week came the news that TaoTao, a cryptocurrency exchange that is 40 percent owned by a local subsidiary of Yahoo! Japan itself will begin operations in May.

Yahoo! Japan acquired shares on the stock exchange, formerly known as BitARG, through YJFX in March last year at a price of 2 billion yen (then $ 19 million ).

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