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EOS, XLM, ADA, IOTA. Technical analysis and forecast of the course on 24-25 January 2019

On the markets of the leading altcoins continues the consolidation phase.


At the time of the market review of the EOS token is traded for $2,4527 on a dynamic support level, formed by a line moving average EMA14. Short-term the pair EOS/USD is in bullish territory, but the price movement suggests increasing bearish pressure.

These technical indicators confirm the strengthening of the position of sellers: the values of relative strength index held stable in a neutral region, the line pointing down RSI14 crossing the 50 level on the chart.

24 января EOSUSD H4
24 Jan EOSUSD H4

It is assumed that the breakdown of dynamic support level price of $2,4520 will allow vendors a strong reduction of momentum to test the price support at the level of the short-term reversal of $2,4100.

Sale EOS recommended on the breakdown pivot $2,4100 with order $2,3580 and $2,3080.


At the end of last trading session, the bulls have confirmed the price support Stellar on the second key support level of $0,1000. At the time of the review of the market the pair XLM/USD is trading at $0,1023 with the prices from the resistance level of $0,1029.

Moving average EMA14 strengthens resistance marked level. If the buyers manage to gain a foothold above the level S1, the risks of reduction of quotations of the pair XLM/USD is significantly reduced.

24 января XLMUSD H4
24 Jan XLMUSD H4

On the likelihood of a bullish scenario in the short term indicate the relative strength index: the index values are held in a neutral field, the line RSI14 has a tendency to turn upward.

Short sales are Stellar with the least risk are recommended on the bounce of the price of the cryptocurrency of the weekly reversal level trend $0,1068 with order $0,1048 and $0,1030.


In early deals on Cardano bulls kept the price of cryptocurrency on the local support level of $0,0428.

At the time of the market review buyers overcome resistance in a narrow range of $0,0436-0,0440, which is bounded by a line moving average EMA14 and reversal level of short-term trend as the upper bound.

24 января ADAUSD H4
24 Jan ADAUSD H4

The current data of the relative strength index confirm the situational advantage buyers: the value of the indicator is in the neutral region, RSI line crosses up 50 level on the chart.


During the current session of the IOTA is trading in bearish territory, below the level of the short-term reversal with the mark on the price scale, the four-hour schedule $0,3012. Session low price a pair of IOTA/USD was fixed at $0,2914 on the local level of support.

The current price puts pressure EMA14 moving average with a value of $0,3002, at the same time increasing the resistance level of $0,3012.

24 января IOTAUSD H4

The value of the relative strength index remains in neutral territory, but the line RSI14 is directed horizontally, indicating low trading activity of the parties.

Short selling of IOTA recommended on the bounce of price from the pivot with targets of $0,2930 and $0,2880.

Trading recommendations are not a reference to action. Following the recommendations, you assume all associated risk of loss.


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