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EOS, XLM, ADA, IOTA. Technical analysis and forecast of the course on December 13-14, 2018

During the trading session of December 13, the largest altcoins are trading mixed price movements.


During the current session token EOS is trading at support on a dynamic level with the value at the time of market analysis $1,9618.

Creating support lines moving average with a short period – EMA14, indicates the formation of an uptrend in the short term.

However, to develop the upside movement of the pair EOS/USD without the risk of collapse of quotations of bulls can only be returned under the control of the level reversal of the current trend at $2,1600.

13 декабря EOSUSD H4
13 Dec EOSUSD H4

For the situational advantage of buyers indicates relative strength index RSI14, as from 9 December the indicator values are held mainly in the purchasing area

The four-hours chart it is obvious that the bears are consolidating large volumes for sale EOS in the range of prices of $1,9700-2,1600.

When you try bulls breakdown of resistance in the indicated range has a high probability of intensification of sales and the reduction in the price of the currency pair at least until the local support level of $1,8220 and below the key support level $of 1.6500.


At the time of the review of the market the sellers are testing the price support Stellar at the local level $0,1125. Day trading pair XLM/USD today was conducted in a narrow range with the upper boundary at $0,1154.

Given the increase in volumes of open short positions on the Stellar 9 December, in case of breaking the above level of support we should expect lower prices crypto currencies at least until the next support level of $0,1060.

13 декабря XLMUSD H4
13 Dec XLMUSD H4

RSI14 indicator data point to the advantage of sellers in the market is Stellar. Sale in a pair XLM/USD are recommended on the breakdown of support level of $0,1125 with order $0,1110 and $0,1060.


C 9 Dec Cardano is trading in a horizontal direction in a narrowing price range. During the current session, the pair ADA/USD traded in the range of prices from $0,0327 to $0,0299.

Temporary support to scriptactive buyers formed at the dynamic level, $0,0308. In case of breaking down the support level we should expect lower prices Cardano at least to the level of $0,0290.

13 декабря ADAUSD H4
13 Dec ADAUSD H4

Currently, however, these technical indicators point to a situational advantage buyers Cardano. Values of relative strength index are in the field of purchases. Breakdown of line RSI14 neutral level of 50 from the top down will give a signal of superiority of forces in the direction of the sellers will be the signal for sales scriptactive with order $0,0300 $0,0290.


In the course of trading on 13 December the bulls in the market IOTA failed to overcome the resistance of the sales dynamic $0,2300. To complete the session is expected to decrease in quotations IOTA/USD.

It is assumed that the temporary support to the price IOTA buyers will have on the local level $0,2247.

13 декабря IOTAUSD H4

Currently, however, these technical indicators indicate likely short-term growth of quotations of the currency pair with the breakout of the resistance at $0,2300. In this case, the growth rates IOTA possible at least to $0,2350.

Trading recommendations are not a reference to action. Following the recommendations, you assume all associated risk of loss.


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