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EOS, XLM, ADA, IOTA. Technical analysis and forecast of the course on the 19-20 Dec 2018

Technical studies point to a slowdown in the growth of altcoins, which in turn gives a signal about possible beginning of the correction of prices in the markets of cryptocurrencies, after their sharp rise over the last four days.


During the past trading session, the price of the EOS token has exceeded a value of $2,6890, which is the first key support level, calculated from daily schedule. At the auction a couple EOS/USD December 19, the bulls recorded a new two-week high prices at $2,8900.

At the time of the market review of the token is traded for $2,6660 with a decline to the lower limit of the daily range at $2,6000.

19 декабря EOSUSD 1D
19 Dec EOSUSD 1D

The current decline in prices is seen as a correction of its local ascending movement. It is assumed that when you save for the bearish trends pair EOS/USD will be adjusted in the range of $2,5500-2,8000.

Values of relative strength index hold above the neutral line of the indicator, which confirms the situational advantage buyers EOS.


In the course of trading on December 19 Stellar price peaked at $0,1300. At the time of the review market quotes pairs XLM/USD rolled back towards the dynamic support level $0,1190 formed on the moving average line EMA14.

The daily chart XLM/USD it is obvious that the growth rates of the Stellar bears formed at the level of the local maximum rates of 9 December, which at the moment does not allow to test the resistance of the sales at the key level of $0,1363.

19 декабря XLMUSD 1D
19 Dec XLMUSD 1D

It is assumed that only while maintaining a strong bullish trends in the global stock market will allow the bulls Stellar in the market to obtain sufficient support for output prices above $0,1363.

Formed bearish divergence on the daily chart XLM/USD with a RSI14 indicator indicates a high probability bole deeper correction short-term uptrend, at least to the level of $1190.


On the background of General growth of the largest cryptocurrency price Cardano over the past four days to recover from a local minimum of $0,0278 to $0,0396. However, a test of resistance in the range of $0,0382-0,0430 showed a bearish trend in the number of consolidated volumes on the sales of Cardano.

19 декабря ADAUSD 1D
19 Dec ADAUSD 1D

At the time of the review of the market the pair ADA/USD is trading at $0,0375 with decrease in quotations. It is assumed that buyers will support scriptactive, upselling higher-level price of $0,0360.

There is a high probability of deepening the correction of localized upward movement to $0,0340 the dynamic level of support from the moving average EMA14.


IOTA at auction on 19 December, the price of bitcoin has elevated to a new two-week high prices at $0,3164. At the time of the review of the market the pair IOTA/USD is traded with decrease in quotations, $0,3000.

The daily chart IOTA/USD it is obvious that buyers scriptactive met with strong resistance sales above the price level of $0,2970, which they failed to overcome in the period 24 November-3 December.

19 декабря IOTAUSD 1D

It is assumed that the current correction of the local uptrend cryptocurrency restrict the price reduction to the support level of $0,2790.

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