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EOS, XLM, ADA, IOTA. Technical analysis and forecast of the exchange rate on December 21-22 2018

Data technical analysis of the markets largest cryptocurrency indicate the beginning of a corrective phase of a local uptrend.


C 18 Dec bulls managed to consolidate the price of the EOS token above the key support level of $2,6870. At the time of market analysis steam-EOS/USD is quoted at $2,7600.

Session high price of the EOS token is fixed at $2,9000. Buyers attempt to develop the upside movement of the pair confirmed a strong resistance sales above the price level of $2,8300.

Thirty-day moving average supports the price of the cryptocurrency at $2,7500.

21 декабря EOSUSD 1D
21 Dec EOSUSD 1D

Buyers retain the potential to continue the growth of quotations EOS/USD is holding the price above the key support level of $2,6870. Data of the relative strength index show the advantage of the bulls in the short term.

Despite short-term growth of the token, its main trend is downward. For ascertaining the breaking of the bearish trend, bulls need to consolidate above the pivot at $3,8470.

Long protorgovki tool at the current level will allow the sellers to strengthen their position. Breakthrough support of $2,6870 open space bears to reduce the price to the design price of $1,9800 on the first key level of support.


During the current trading session bulls on the market Stellar tested the key resistance level of $0,1365. On the impulse of false breakout of the level of the price of a currency pair XLM/USD peaked at $0,1384.

It should be noted that the moving average EMA30 strengthens resistance key level. The current value of the trend indicator – $0,1410.

21 декабря XLMUSD 1D
21 Dec XLMUSD 1D

On the course Stellar at this point in time is affected by the overall situation on the global stock market.

In the case of a long consolidation on the markets of the leading cryptocurrency should expect a rollback of quotations XLM/USD $0,1365. It is assumed that the support price of scriptactive bulls will form in the area of prices of $0,1120.


At the time of the review of the market of the Cardano is trading at $0,0432 with lower quotations from a session’s high price at $0,0476. Support for the price of a currency pair ADA/USD will have a moving average EMA30, in the case of deep correction of the prices, at $0,0390.

21 декабря ADAUSD 1D
21 Dec ADAUSD 1D

For breaking the main bearish pressure buyers of cryptocurrency you want to see the price is above pivot level, the medium-term trend at $0,0515.


Since December 20, the bulls in the market IOTA attempted to overcome the resistance of the sales at the level of a trend reversal, at $0,3550. Session high price of the cryptocurrency is fixed at $0,3619.

The resistance tests confirmed the presence of large volumes of sales above the level of the price of $0,3550.

21 декабря IOTAUSD 1D

At the time of the review of the market the pair IOTA/USD is quoted at $0,3406 with a reduction in the quotes from the divergent level of the medium-term trend.

Given the nature of current trading data and technical indicators it is expected that temporary support to the price of the cryptocurrency bulls form is not below $0,3370.

Trading recommendations are not a reference to action. Following the recommendations, you assume all associated risk of loss.


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