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EOS, XLM, ADA, IOTA. Technical analysis and forecast rate of 5-6 January 2019

Technical studies of markets altcoins designate accelerating bullish trends.


On January 2, a pair of EOS/USD is trading mostly above the reversal level of $2,7570 short-term trend.

Immediate resistance to the growth of quotations observed on the local level $2,8800. EMA200 exponential moving average with the current value of $2,7695 enhances key support level at $2,7577.

5 января EOSUSD H4

These technical indicators indicate that at the moment on the market EOS is ongoing phase of the accumulation volumes.

Given the medium-term uptrend pair EOS/USD and a sharp increase in volumes of open long positions on the decline in short positions, the expected development of the bullish trend. In the short term is expected to achieve the immediate objectives of buyers scriptactive on key resistance level of $3,1020.


In the period 28 December – 2 January on the chart XLM/USD formed a pattern “symmetrical triangle”. As of 5 January price range graphic figures narrowed to $0,1136-0,1225.

At the time of the review market is trading at a Stellar $0,1180. Buyers fix the price of scriptactive above the dynamic level of support from the moving average EMA30 with the current value of $0,1170.

5 января XLMUSD H4

Data of the relative strength index indicates the probability of growth of quotations pair XLM/USD in the short term: line RSI14 crosses up from below the neutral level and is supported by a rising trend line.


At the time of the market review of Cardano to the United States dollar is quoted at $0,0458. Sessional maximum price of a pair of ADA/USD was fixed at $0,0465 about the breakdown of local resistance level of $0,0456.

On January 2, bulls confidently fixed above the pivot level of $0,0442 medium-term uptrend, with support at the dynamic level, formed by the buyers at the moving average line EMA30. At the moment EMA30 increases support prices at the level of the pivot.

5 января ADAUSD H4

Data of the relative strength index indicates continued growth of quotations ADA/USD in the short term.

Given the current market situation, it is expected that at the auction on January 5-6 at Cardano bulls will attempt to breakthrough resistance at $0,0484 and, if successful, will test a key resistance level of $0,0498.


Over the past three weeks, December 15, from the level of the annual minimum of $0,2075, Aldon IOTA showed an increase of 96.7%. High rates of cryptocurrencies recorded January 2 at $0,4081. The bulls failed to gain a Foothold above the key resistance level of $0,3955 and the pair is currently IOTA/USD is adjusted in a narrowing range.

5 января IOTAUSD 1D

At the time of the market review IOTA is trading at $0,3812. Temporary support for prices of scriptactive bulls generated $0,3720. Breakdown support can expand the correction range to $0,3616 on the line of the two-week exponential moving average.

Data of the relative strength index confirm the phase correction with the market advantage buyers IOTA. It is assumed that in the period of 5-7 December, the bulls will attempt retesting key level with a high probability of its breakdown and updates the cost of its maximum value in 2019.

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