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EOS, XLM, ADA. Technical analysis and course forecast for February 9-10, 2019

During the current session, the prices of the leading altcoins are adjusted after the rapid growth of the markets a day earlier.


After rapid growth during the last session, the EOS / USD pair is adjusted in the range of $ 2.8610-2.7450. Strong resistance to the growth of the price of cryptocurrency met at the key level of $ 2.8670. Morning testing of the key level confirms the bears' readiness to protect their positions.

Analysis of the daily EOS / USD chart shows that for the development of an uptrend, bulls need to at least consolidate above the second key resistance level of $ 3.0670.

February 9 EOSUSD 1D
February 9 EOSUSD 1D

The current cryptoactive price is supported by a moving average of EMA60 with a value on the price scale of the daily chart of $ 2.7020. In the event of a deepening price correction, at the indicated level, buyers are likely to form short-term support for the EOS / USD pair.

The value of the relative strength index is in the area of active purchases, confirming the advantage of buyers in the short-term cryptocurrency market. At the same time, the indicator line is turning down, which increases the probability of lowering the lower level of correction.

EOS purchases are recommended from $ 2.7020 with short stops and $ 2.7800 and $ 2.8400 goals.


In the wake of the general market rally, on February 8, Stellar paired with the US dollar showed a session growth of 10.55%, according to historical data from Bitfinex quotes.

However, from a technical point of view, bulls' positions remain weak, as the price of a cryptoactive asset remains under pressure from a short exponential moving average with a period of 14 days, with a value on the price scale of the daily chart of $ 0.0841.

February 9 XLMUSD 1D
February 9 XLMUSD 1D

At the time of the market review, the XLM / USD pair is quoted at $ 0.0815 with a decrease in quotations from the session high at $ 0.0840. The relative strength index data confirms the advantage of the sellers: the index value is retained in the sales area, the RSI14 indicator line is directed downwards.

We believe that in the short term, the bears will increase pressure on the price of cryptocurrency and at the trading on Stellar on February 10 they will make an attempt to break the price support at the key level of $ 0.0798.


At the time of the review of the market, Cardano paired with the US dollar was trading at $ 0.0405 against the session high of $ 0.0419. The ADA / USD pair is falling towards the key support level of $ 0.0399.

In the event of a breakdown of price support at the designated level, buyers are likely to suspend Cardano price decline at a dynamic level along the EMA14 moving average line with the current value at $ 0.0390.

February 9 ADAUSD H4
February 9 ADAUSD H4

On the four-hour ADA / USD chart with the RSI14 indicator, a bullish divergence formed, which gives a signal of short-term growth of the pair and allows finding the entry point to the market with a long position from the key level of $ 0.0399 with targets of $ 0.0405 and $ 0.0415.

Trading recommendations are not a guide to action. Following the recommendations, you assume the associated risk of loss of funds.


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