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Malta will be the first blockchain-Bank

The company RnF Finance Limited has announced plans to open its first Maltese Bank that focuses on crypto and blockchain industry. The company has applied to the Office of financial services Malta, to permit the establishment of a credit institution.

The main investor of the Bank was the investment division of the OK Group, OK Blockchain Capital.

“Malta was the first driving force, which comprehensively regulate the blockchain industry, and we are pleased to participate in this new banking enterprise with RnF Finance Limited. The right regulatory framework in Malta and the support of new industries will contribute to growth opportunities in the blockchain-the island”, — said the founder of OK Blockchain Capital, the Tian Ying.

Chapter RnF Finance Limited Roderick Psaila working in the banking industry for 28 years and has opened more than a dozen banks in Malta. He said that the new company is focused not only on cryptomeria, but also for private clients. In the first years of operation, the Bank will invest in the development of AI and the blockchain. According to Psaila, it will make it more reliable and efficient.

Earlier, the Minister of Finance of Malta expressed the viewthat cryptocurrencies will help to prevent financial crisis.


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