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ETH/USD: technical analysis course, 25-26 Dec 2018

There is a high probability of recovery rates Ethereum above the key resistance level of $134,30.

The four-hour chart the ETH/USD

At the beginning of the current trading session on a strong down-momentum price Ethereum has broken the support levels of $134,30 and $130,00. The drop in prices slowed down only at $125,00 and support price the bulls had at $123,00 November mirrored the level.

The four-hours chart it is obvious that the bulls have enough capacity, keep the price the ETH on its territory, to restore medium-term uptrend.

25 декабря ETHUSD H4
25 Dec ETHUSD H4

At the local level $130,30 daily growth of prices resistance. Bulls to reduce the risk of collapse of quotations of Ethereum at least until the reversal of trend rates $115,40 necessary to overcome the resistance of sales in the range of $130,30-134,40.

At the moment the line RSI14 is directed upward and crosses the neutral level of the indicator chart, which indicates the activation of the buyers. It is expected that before the end of the current session, the bulls will test the resistance of sales in the range of $130,30-134,40.


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