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Expert: Facebook or Telegram cryptocurrency will receive worldwide recognition

The head of the cryptocurrency bank of Galaxy Digital, the billionaire investor Mike Novograz is sure that in the coming years the cryptocurrency will finally be recognized by the central banks of the countries and this cryptocurrency will be one of the most anticipated digital assets – the Facebook or Telegram coin.

The well-known Bitcoin evangelist has expressed support for the development of cryptocurrency on social networks, even though not all projects will ultimately be successful to the same extent as Bitcoin. In a recent interview with CNBC, an investor said that at least one of the social media coins will eventually become successful.

“I think about Facebook cryptocurrency, and that Telegram will have its own <…> You will see how one of these payment coins will work, and I think that it has a chance to become a real currency,” Novograts said.

At the same time, the CEO of Galaxy Digital believes that with the release of these two cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin will gradually lose its position as the leading cryptocurrency. The thing is that Bitcoin is more suitable for saving value, while the same hypothetical GlobalCoin from Facebook or Gram from Telegram will be used mainly for payments, and this distinguishes them from other currencies in terms of convenience.


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