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Floyx Tackles Impersonation And Scam Accounts

Floyx, a Malta-based social media platform for the crypto network, is attempting to forestall crypto scams building up a novel framework.

Floyx CEO Kamil Kępiński disclosed to Cointelegraph that the stage can keep malignant entertainers from imitating firms and activities with a novel record framework.

As Cointelegraph gave an account of various events, con artists ordinarily attempt to deceive individuals out of their crypto resources by professing to be significant firms and superstars. In July 2018, very rich person business visionary and designer Elon Musk himself said that he is intrigued by the scam accounts:

“I want to know who is running the Ethereum scambots! Mad skillz…”

On Floyx, accounts are isolated into associations, new companies and people, while all record types have their own devoted highlights. The stage checks the personality the individuals behind the organizations and associations to guarantee they can’t be mimicked. Kępiński stated:

“Only a personal account is immediately visible and receives the full functionality assigned to this account. A startup and company or organization account requires verification before they are publicly available on Floyx. Until verification, they cannot contact any users on Floyx and do not receive access to the full functionality of the platform.”

Kępiński clarified that organizations have a few different ways to affirm their personality on Floyx. He said that the quickest path is for the organization to utilize its Twitter profile to message the Floyx account.

On the other hand, the stage’s group can likewise request records identified with the support of a given individual in a task, or about the legitimate status of the startup. With regards to individual records, security enhancements are coming:

“We are currently working on an additional ‘personal’ account verification system for public figures. However, we can’t take steps until such accounts become active. We may temporarily block such a profile to confirm its identity or delete it completely if it turns out to be a fraud. […] In addition, users can check the entire team of a given project, because the ‘company or organization’ account has a dedicated tab for the team in which accounts registered on Floyx can be linked.”

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