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IBM: the blockchain can be useful to open scientific research

Team Watson Research Center (IBM) patented built on the blockchain technology is a dynamic collaboration between research groups.

The system is a “protected from unauthorized access journal of scientific studies”. In the framework of the first unit carries research information and the second analytical. Later may be added to the blocks containing the summary and corrective information.

The participants of the project

The statement, “the Blockchain for Open Scientific Research” was first presented to the patent and trademark office in December 2017. As the inventors were listed, IBM researchers, Ahn Jae Wook, Maria Chang, Patrick Watson and Rabindranath the Coccus.

IBM and blockchain

At the moment, IBM is inferior to the number associated with bloccano patents only Chinese Internet giant Alibaba, while a significant part of the exciting uses of technology aimed at the non-profit sector.

IBM is not the only company working on the introduction of blockchain technology in the scientific sphere. So, the Berlin research center of the Blockchain for Science held its first international conference earlier this week.

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