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Investor: bitcoin is simply no chance of falling to zero

Against the background of a bullish trend that continues almost all the year 2018, the media and then flashed the views of economists and politicians saying that the bitcoin bubble is about to burst, miners will flee, and the crypto currency will depreciate to zero. Someone says that cryptocurrency will be “crushed” by banks and national regulators. But there are those who claim that bitcoin simply can not depreciate to zero and leads a very convincing case for it.

Still among crypto-enthusiasts Alex Pak, managing partner at Dragonfly Capital Partners. In an interview with Forbes , he said that bitcoin has reached the tipping point in 2018, even if prices do not reflect this vibrant mood.

The economist acknowledged that BTC may continue to fall, reaching $2 000 and even $1,000 for the coin, but it would be absurd to assume that an asset can crash to 0. According to him Bitcoin as “a landmark in the history of money” has become “a reliable store of value.” This, of course, a reference to the old, but relevant to the argument that BTC is viable as a digital equivalent of gold due to its scarcity, censorship resistance and decentralization, which would give the project a solid Foundation.

Dragonfly, the representative drew attention to the efforts to launch bitcoin futures on the new York stock exchange and, more recently, from similar initiatives from Nasdaq.

Investor even said that a bull market Bitcoins in 2017 has had a positive long-term impact on this emerging ecosystem, noting that the credibility of the cryptocurrency than ever high. This is partly due to the fact that BTC is no longer a niche investment, the news today about bitcoin heard on all major media. However, Pak said that it would be remiss not to point out that there remains uncertainty regarding the conditions of the bear market. However, maintaining a cheerful, joyous tone, Pak said:

“Now the question is, “how long will this bear market?”. Cries about the death of [bitcoin] they seem much softer than in previous recessions, and people involved in the industry now have much more patience. We think we will be able to withstand the storm.”

Still cryptocurrency startups continues to grow, and inflexible sides double your optimistic Outlook, investors continue to flood into this space (though slower than last year), it is clear that Bitcoin does not feel death throes, as they assure us cryptonatica.


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