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Ignition Released: Accelerates Community Growth and Distributed Computing


  • launches Ignition to reward users who contribute GPUs to its network.
  • Reward points are based on criteria such as working time and node bandwidth.
  • CEO Ahmad Shadid envisions an “Internet of GPUs” to solve the computing power shortage in AI., a Solanabased decentralized physical infrastructure protocol, is leading the way into a new era in distributed computing with the launch of its bounty program, Ignition.

This program, designed to accelerate the growth of the graphics processing unit (GPU) network and strengthen the community, promises to revolutionize today’s technological landscape.

Since its launch in November, has been providing access to a vast network of GPUs, aiming to meet the growing demand for computing resources in industries such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

With Ignition, users who contribute their GPUs to the network will be rewarded with points, which will be awarded based on various criteria such as work completed time, node bandwidth, and GPU model.

The most intriguing thing about Ignition is its community focus.

In addition to rewarding network providers, is launching a series of community activities managed by Galxe, an online gaming platform.

These activities, which will take place from March 1 to April 28, aim to engage community members and foster collaboration and joint growth. CEO and founder, Ahmad Shadid, has highlighted the platform’s vision of creating an “Internet of GPUs”, addressing the computing power shortage in the artificial intelligence industry. presents Ignition: Rewards program to boost the GPU network

By leveraging the Solana blockchain, ensures complete transparency in its operations

Additionally, Shadid has hinted that the reward points could be tied to the platform’s native token, IO token, which is scheduled to launch on April 28.

Since its inception, has experienced significant growth, with over 25,000 nodes in its network and over 47,000 hours of computing served.

The platform has demonstrated its ability to reduce costs and accelerate delivery times, making it an attractive option for companies of all sizes seeking efficient and affordable computing resources. is leading the way towards decentralization and innovation in distributed computing.

With Ignition, the platform is taking another step towards building a strong and engaged community, while addressing a crucial need in today’s tech industry.

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