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Latest Breaking Crypto News

Latest Breaking Crypto News

Crypto market loses $20 billion as blue-chip tokens lead the selloff

The crypto market witnessed a significant decline earlier today. The fall was due to a failed attempt at a rally seen yesterday. Bitcoin led the rally. The virtual currency rallied highs of $10,050. Earlier, the digital currency faced a harsh rejection that led it down to its consolidation channel, which was around $9,700.

This movement created an impeccable impact on the crypto market. It faced immense turbulence. The blue-chip tokens like Tezos and Chainlink also suffered a significant impact. According to data analytics, the decline also caused the massacre in marginal traders. About $60 million of positions were eliminated.

The Ethereum incident that caused transaction fees of worth $2.6 million

Earlier today, an Ethereum blockchain user sent $130 worth of Ether. This typical transfer caused transaction fees of 10,668 Ether that is equal to $2.6 million. The user now has 32,000 Ether left on his virtual address. The incident created confusion in the community. Some presumptions are suggesting that it was money laundering; the user can claim it to be a mistake. Some other users also think that it was an error in the wallet.

India is stepping forward to digitalization of trade documents

Earlier today, portal infosystems of India created a technology called PCS. The technology has put into 13 essential ports in the country; it is helping over 16,000 business stakeholders. They can supervise bills of lading digitally. It was done by a blockchain platform called Cargo X. Cargo X was connected to the port community system for the trade of documents. It can lead to a new future for Cryptocurrency in India.

A cryptocurrency just got its twitter emojis

One of the cryptocurrency payment platforms has just got its Twitter Emoji. Yes! You heard it right. The blockchain platform has received its Twitter Emoji. You can find the Emoji automatically alongside the hashtag #CRO. It is one of the second crypto coins that have a separate Emoji on Twitter. Bitcoin was the first Cryptocurrency to have a Twitter Emoji. The users think that this will bring more recognition to the blockchain platform.

One of the derivative platforms of crypto will be axing its exchange arm

One of the derivative platforms of Crypto Seed CX has decided to focus on its Zero Hash product. It is one of the custody and settlement service of Seed CX. It has now begun offering the back-office settlement Functions for the leading blockchain platform Bitcoins. It aims to lead towards the new opportunity that refines the business focus.

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