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Lowest Crypto Hacks and Scam Losses Since 2021

Lowest Crypto Hack and Scam Losses Since 2021


  • April saw the lowest losses from cryptocurrency hacks and scams since 2021, according to CertiK.
  • Combined losses from exploits, hacks and scams reached approximately $25.7 million.
  • CertiK reported a 141% decrease compared to March, highlighting an improvement in the security of the sector.

The month of April marked a positive milestone for the cryptocurrency industry, with CertiK’s report revealing the lowest losses from hacks and scams since 2021.

With just $25.7 million in combined losses due to exploits, hacks and scams, this month represents a significant 141% decrease from March, reflecting notable progress in security measures in the crypto ecosystem.

The report provides a breakdown revealing that a substantial portion of the total losses, approximately $21 million, were linked to exploitations, marking them as the most impactful in terms of financial magnitude.

This breakdown underscores the ongoing challenges faced by the industry in combating risks associated with hacks and scams, with exploits emerging as a persistent concern despite strides in security measures.

Conversely, the report also sheds light on exit scams, responsible for losses amounting to roughly $4.3 million, and flash loan hacks, which resulted in $129,000 in financial damages.

While these incidents had a comparatively lower financial impact, they nevertheless contribute to the erosion of security measures and investor trust within the cryptocurrency market.

This nuanced analysis underscores the multifaceted nature of threats within the crypto landscape, emphasizing the continued importance of robust security protocols, vigilant monitoring, and investor education initiatives to fortify resilience against emerging risks and preserve market integrity.

Cryptocurrency Hack and Scam Losses at Lowest Point Since 2021

Encouraging to see that payday loan hacks hit their lowest level since February 2022

However, cases such as the exploitation of the CondomSol memecoin pre-sale address on the Solana network, which resulted in approximately $933,000 in losses, underscore the importance of maintaining vigilance and diligence at all times.

Despite these improvements, major incidents such as the FixedFloat project attack and exit scams remain reminders of the ongoing security challenges facing the crypto ecosystem.

The importance of thorough audits, transparency, and community education to reduce risks and safeguard investors has never been more significant.

While April represented a positive month in terms of reducing losses from cryptocurrency hacks and scams, it is crucial that the industry continues to advance security and education measures to maintain trust and sustainable growth of the crypto market in the long term.

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