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NodeMonkes Drives Demand for NFTs with Art on the Bitcoin Blockchain

NodeMonkes Drives Demand for NFTs with Art on the Bitcoin Blockchain


  • NFT NodeMonkes sells for $1M+: Stands out in the Bitcoin NFT market.
  • NFT Bitcoin operations surpass Ethereum: Volume of $35M in 24 hours.
  • NodeMonkes exclusive: Art on Bitcoin blockchain drives demand for NFTs.

The market for Bitcoin-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is experiencing a notable boom, evidenced by the recent million-dollar sale of an NFT from the NodeMonkes collection for more than $1 million.

This milestone marks a highlight in the growing valuation of Bitcoin-based digital assets.

In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin- based NFT collections have recorded an impressive trading volume of $35 million, according to official data from CryptoSlam surpassing their Ethereum-based counterparts, which reached $22 million.

This increase in trading activity clearly signals a growing demand for NFT assets linked to the Bitcoin network.

A highlight of this growth is the NodeMonkes collection, whose art was printed on the Bitcoin blockchain in February of last year, ahead of other early collections such as Bitcoin Frogs and Space Pepes.

This uniqueness in the creation of digital art gives NodeMonkes an exclusivity and rarity that has captured the interest of investors, reflected in the sale price of some of its NFTs above $1 million.

NodeMonkes officially launched in December 2023, but its value as an NFT collection has recently skyrocketed

With a total sales volume exceeding $11 million, this achievement has set a true record in the Bitcoin-based NFT market.

NodeMonkes NFT Reaches $1 Million in Bitcoin Market

The base price of these digital assets is around $52,000, while NFTs considered rarer reach listing prices of up to $65 million.

Market watchers anticipate that activity in the Ordinals sign-ups space will continue into March, suggesting continued growth and an increase in trading of Bitcoin-based NFTs in the near term.

This growth in the Bitcoin-based NFT market has led to a significant shift, with Bitcoin NFT sales surpassing those of Ethereum in the last 24 hours.

This phenomenon reflects growing adoption of the Bitcoin network for non-fungible digital assets.

The Bitcoin-based NFT market is experiencing a period of rapid growth and increased trading activity, fueled by the success of collections like NodeMonkes and the growing preference for digital assets on the Bitcoin network.

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