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On 12 December, a new era for the market of kriptonyte

A month later, on December 12, 2018, for the cryptocurrency market will usher in a new era in the cycle of maturity of a technology will be passed the lower point of frustration and begin a time of breakthrough. This, in an interview with RBC, said CEO Newcent AG Vladimir Smetanin and analyst Stanislav Savinov.

In their opinion, with the launch of a launch platform for institutional investors Bakkt, the true “whales” investment business will have access to familiar for them, the infrastructure that will be the driver for growth of bitcoin to new records. With the advent of adjustable platforms with clearing and Depository barriers for adoption are completely eliminated — opening gateways to the capital of institutional investors will accelerate the development of both the blockchain and the necessary regulatory framework.

Experts point out that infrastructure Bakkt will include trading platform, digital repository, clearing house and a separate guarantee Fund. Will be eliminated counterparty credit risk, the risk disappears repetition of the collapse of Mt.Gox. No “drawn” in trading volumes, just the real deal. And trade will be conducted without shoulder, for EUR and USD a bitcoin, not a substitute. In contrast to the decisions on the CBOE and CME where futures are traded calculated on Bakkt futures will be deliverable — the buyer will receive not the difference in dollars, real bitcoin. The contract will be for a period of one day, that will protect players from volatility spikes. And all this in a controlled environment. The rules are trading, the standards of KYC and AML compliance, who will be respected under the watchful supervision of the CFTC (Commission commodity futures trading).

C Bakkt will come trust and transparency. Spreads narrowed, trading volumes will increase.

Most curious as technologically designed “insert” Bakkt in the blockchain of bitcoin. Design is ofchan-solution Protocol in the second layer, where the transactions are inside the platform, without increasing the burden of the backbone of the network. A Sort Of Lightning Network. Bakkt in fact will be a reliable alternative to cold wallets at the expense of layered protection in the form of barriers, as the signing ceremony, biometric scans, multipurpose, sharding. While the “digital vault” that will store BTC, will be available via the Internet.

“For those who have already been tortured to wait for the approval of ETF, this date is to circle on the calendar in red circle. In fact, institutional money is ready to launch “to the moon” will make it through the deliverable futures on Bakkt. ETF will be the next branch of evolution and will get the green light from the SEC, since Bakkt will be removed barriers in the absence of transparent pricing and distrust of sites, which formed these prices”, — experts say.


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